Education transformation


Who is behind this?

Anna Uvarova

Center of innovation education Pro.Svit


Who is joining forces?

Insha Osvita


Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

In Ukraine, schooling can be changed only through the retraining of teachers. Butwe have often heard from the teachers themselves that these are the pupils who are pushing the teacher and the school administration to develop.
We want to organize a school inside a school, where pupils with the help of a mentor explore their school, elaborate a development strategy and implement projects that will change the school. We start with 6 schools, and then extend this experience to the whole Ukraine.

Where will your idea take place?

Lviv, Ukraine

Why does Europe need your idea?

We want to teach our students to be active, creative and to influence the changes in their community gently, using the faculty of facilitation, giving ecological feedback to the actions of their colleagues, working in a team and becoming leaders. This will boost their effectiveness in the future.

What is your impact?

The pressure points of a school are determined by students
Elaboration of strategy for the elimination of the pressure points
The realization of 2 projects in each school by students with the involvement of key stakeholders

How do you get there?

Our team already possesses the experience of such work with teachers, and now we would like to work with students in this way. In one year there will be a complex system of changes in schools that would involve 2 key stakeholders: teachers and students.
The realization of this pilot project will take place in the schools where we have already worked with teachers.
There would also be an additional bonus - the opportunity for students to raise money for the school projects on our crowdfunding.

What is your story?

I strongly believe that democratic changes in the country are possible only under the condition of the changes in approaches towards education. my personal aim in this project is to give students the feeling that they can and must influence the world around them.

Who are you doing it for?

A student is in the center of the project. Secondary benefitiars are teachers, parents and the community that surrounds a school and interacts (or can interact) with it.



Idea created on Dec. 26, 2017

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