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Legacies of Communism in Europe


Who is behind this?

Krassimira Dimitrova - Rozendal

Club Young Scientists - CYS


Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

We want to conduct an oral history project that preserves personal memories of people who lived in socialism and reuse them by engaging the new millennial generation (18‐34).
Our aim is connecting the goal of democratic consolidation on a European level to raising awareness about the importance of remembrance and fostering debate/dialogue about the effects of the recent past since this period still has a strong impact on the current society..

Where will your idea take place?

Sofia, Bulgaria
Brussels, Belgie

Why does Europe need your idea?

What is lacking in the European public discourse is an attempt to open up the black box of pre-1989 history. We want to rekindle the debate about the past and to re-examine the legacies of communism in Europe so we understand better where we are today.

What is your impact?

We like to revive the memories of the totalitarian communist regime since this period still has a strong impact on the current society.
To generate the interest and spur debate among the younger, more digitally‐oriented generations about the complex legacies of the past.

How do you get there?

We will create an in‐depth Online Video Archive (OVA), which will accumulate 50 interviews with individuals from around Europe, which will be recorded, transcribed, translated, and published online.

OVA will be the digital educative tool for 4 workshops in public schools where pupils will experience and test the OVA thus developing digital and critical thinking skills.

Two major awareness-raising events are planned in Brussels and Sofia.

What is your story?

More than 25 years from the end of the communist regime the young generation has an only bare idea of how the previous generations used to live and how this affects the democratic processes in Bulgaria until nowadays.

Who are you doing it for?

Besides scholars involved in the project, targeted audiences are students, journalists, civil society organizations, narrators, victim’s organizations, citizens and everybody who is interested in this subject.



Idea created on Jan. 8, 2018
Last edit on Jan. 14, 2018

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