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Who is behind this?

Inessa Finkelshtein

Center of strategic content


Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

Europe is divided by borders and culture but united by Dreams. There is a necessity to see what those dreams are, and let Europe be heard. The Dreamwall survey project is an easy and creative way to do just that. We want to collect and make a database of the things people envision would help Europe, analyze trends in those Ideas, and research how to condense everything into public collaboration activities and projects. Take a pen, draw your dream, put it on the Dreamwall, watch it come true.

Where will your idea take place?

An off and on-line activity for the countries listed on the AE Territorial requirements.

Why does Europe need your idea?

Democracy that was invented in Ancient Greece collected people on town squares and let each of them speak for themselves. Now less than 2% of the population think and decide for 98% of others - let them express their own vision. If you want to do something for the European, ask the European first.

What is your impact?

EU started from ECSC, in 50 years got currency which made the population only poorer, expanded to 28 members, but still with national passports, and at the end came to Brexit. After 70 years, the time to hear what Europeans think about Europe came and in one year we will see where it leads...

How do you get there?

Development of a website, the partnership program, and manuals for each type of project participation. Promotion of the project; seeking and picking out partners. Carrying out the project and collecting all of the data received from different countries and cities. Digitalization, sorting, analyzing, using the data in the making of a movie, and condensing the data into perspective projects stemming from the researched trends. Present all of the results of the project in the Ruhr area.

What is your story?

Evil grows like spores, fast but not deep. That is why the success of fighting it depends entirely on intensity, and why dreams are the best thing to fight it with. To free the dreams of humans means to let them come true. Together with other professional dreamers, we can bring change.

Who are you doing it for?

Elite Europeans - the people who think about and raise issues towards society in order to look for solutions together.

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

We would like to find partners for our project from the Advocate Europe community as long as some of them would like to participate in their countries and cities.




Idea created on Jan. 15, 2018
Last edit on Jan. 15, 2018

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