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“Democracy and Identity” - art-in-action


Who is behind this?

Marija Damjanoska

Association of Artists Cultural Centre Media Artes

North Macedonia

Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

European identity is a work-in-progress, as is the historically disputed Macedonian identity. Identity is matter of self-determination, essential for a “free” person. But is it a natural or a legal right? Starting from here, the topic of “identities” in all its layers will be explored through slam poetry and forum theater with Macedonian youth (15-25 age). We intend to provoke and increase awareness for European identity with this population that is in their major phase of building identity.

Where will your idea take place?

Macedonia - Ohrid, Struga, Skopje, Bitola

Why does Europe need your idea?

Through the project we create a critical mass of youngsters. By investing in these future builders of Europe, we increase their democratic capacities, motivate them to be proactive and encourage their voice in addressing the topics of concern for themselves and the future (and present) of Europe.

What is your impact?

A critical mass of young people involved, whose creative expression is increased. They are empowered in finding solutions for challenges they face for their rights; their tolerance improved and awareness of their European identity increased. Their spirit of social entrepreneurship inspired.

How do you get there?

Young participants will be directly involved in a 7-month process of workshops and performances based on 2 methods of socially engaged art: a. Slam poetry (quite new and modern form which reclaims the right to speech) and b. Forum theater (which is linked to pedagogy, civil participation, change of perspective and exploring future models). In addition, democracy training by a German youth-worker, a social media platform and youth exchange with German peers will augment the outreach and impact.

What is your story?

Our professional experience in informal education is part of our personal lives. We know proactive involvement in art and education is among the most powerful tools to start changes. Working on the topic of democracy&identity is very important having in mind the transformation of Macedonian society.

Who are you doing it for?

Young people (15-25 age) are the main target group, since they have most flexible thinking and biggest opportunity to make influence. We will involve 60 participants in the workshops, audience of app. 6000 young people in the 56 FT and SP performances and 35.000 through the social media activities.

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

We are very motivated to work and explore democracy through the topic-Identity cause we are emotionally involved in the link Macedonian Identity and democracy regarding the historical issue. We would like to have feedback is this topic interesting for other countries in Europe?



Idea created on Jan. 18, 2018
Last edit on Jan. 18, 2018

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