Culture Factory


Who is behind this?

Deniza Mulaj

Forum for Civic Initiatives


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Idea pitch

Converting an unexploited building into a factory of culture through art. Facilitating sustainable community development while maintaining its values and recalling history.

Where will your idea take place?


Why does Europe need your idea?

The value of this project to be reflected to other countries is that the mobilization of people, especially youth with a special focus on culture and art can bring about big transformations for a sustainable community.

Empowering youth to take part on drafting strategic planning for a sustainable development of communities, and not only treating them as the target group to be assisted, will give raise to innovative ways to work for the common good.

The idea of issuing these facilities to young artists with the aim of revival of these object will solve four problems in developing countries: a) Community Sustainability b)Work space for the young artists, c) Creative ways of remembering history and d) environmental benefits.

What is your impact?

Culture Factory will facilitate and promote new and creative ways to: mobilizing citizens to work together around a purpose for the common good. With the opening of the Culture Factory we will have the following outcomes:
1. A Youth NGO of the targeted community will take over the management of the Culture Factory.
2. Reopening the unused building located in a specific community will promote the importance of memory, will provide information for the history of that factory, and will value the work of that community.
3. Promoting the resurrection of unexploited buildings for the common good. Preserve and redevelop industrial sites for the common good
4. Culture Factory will be the center where young artists can promote their work.
5. A safe and creative environment for the community

How do you get there?

-Research will be conducted on finding an adequate building for which we can get the license to implement our project idea. The research will also be used to produce the documentary with the theme of “Resurrection by recalling history”
-Mobilization of volunteers and sponsor businesses to help clean up the space for the project
-Mobilization of young artist to start their work for the opening exhibition throughout applications.
-Organization of meetings with potential sponsor businesses
-Contacting officials of Ruhr Museum in Germany to organize a conference in Kosovo
-Final meeting with the community to select the Youth NGO who will be in charge of the Culture Factory

What is your story?


Who are you doing it for?


What makes your idea stand apart?


€ 30416,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 30416,-

Total budget

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Idea created on March 31, 2015
Last edit on Oct. 30, 2017

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