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Who is behind this?

Stefano Stortone

Centro Studi per la Democrazia Partecipativa


Who is joining forces?

Produzioni dal Basso


Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

People are extraordinarily connected. Yet, they get lost into a myriad of opinions, ideas, initiatives, campaigns and projects. This dispersion discourages people and affects even the implementation of the greatest ideas. New and smarter democratic processes are required to empower people and give solutions to their needs. Crowdbudgeting is the project that merges crowdfunding with participatory budgeting introducing deliberation and representative mechanisms within crowdsourcing processes

Where will your idea take place?

In Italy, primarily, in Lombardy Region

Why does Europe need your idea?

Western democracy and Europe suffer from too much delegation. A paradigm shift in democracy is definitely required. Crowdbudgeting is just a methodology, a different way in which people can reach common decisions. Trying it in the civil domain will encourage people to introduce it in the political

What is your impact?

The number and the size of the bottom up projects funded by the community will increase. This will be possible thanks to the filtering process which select the most supported proposals and bring them to the vote where all the community is called to decide over a short and reasonable number of option

How do you get there?

We will get there in three step:
1) we will upgrade the software platform implementing the participatory process
2) we will contact the most active crowdfunding platforms in order to connect them with our software (through API)
3) we will contact all the leaders which have presented their project in the existing European crowdfunding platform, asking them to join the community, present the project and to be involved in the participatory process.

What is your story?

I was reading that democracy was always in crisis! So I started studying solutions, assuming that the representative model can only be reshaped. I found Participatory Budgeting a powerful decision-making process that embeds a new kind of liquid democracy and I have been working on it for 10 years.

Who are you doing it for?

Me since I am the ideator of this project.

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

I would like to receive critical and sceptical remarks as well as questions in order to stress test the idea as well as get links and suggestions how to improve it, using new methodologies and technologies.




Sara Vaccari


Idea created on Jan. 16, 2018
Last edit on Jan. 22, 2018

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