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Bosnia talks


Who is behind this?

Marcus Pfeil


Who is joining forces?

Center for Peacebuilding

Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Idea pitch

The Zetra Project reached more than two million people in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2016. Hundreds have told us their story. And when asked why a war broke out that nobody wanted, they said: "We stopped talking!" Today, more than 26 years after the peace concert in Sarajevo took place, nationalists, religious extremists and also the Dayton Peace Agreement are dividing the city and country more than ever. Bosnia Talks wants to bring people back into conversation. Offline!

Where will your idea take place?

Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina

Why does Europe need your idea?

Bosnians, Croats and Serbs have experienced the last great European war. They have Europe's last immune memory cells, that can tell what war really means. If they keep or start talking, their stories can teach us something about the future of Europe.

What is your impact?

Still, Zetra Project is followed by 15,000 people on Facebook - as different as they are and with their own understanding of what happened in the war. It would be a opportunity to bring a tenth of them to a personal talk with an „opponent" and multiply „Bosnia Talks“ within their own peer groups.

How do you get there?

Conversations can be painful. But it can be just as painful when conversations cease – because both sides forgot how to listen to each other. There are plenty of reasons to believe that Bosnian society has been gripped by that silence. That is why we’ll launch „Bosnia Talks.“ In a first step we´ll ask the user a few fundamental political questions that can be answered by "yes" or "no." If he does so we will look for someone who lives in his area. A person who has a different view.

What is your story?

We didn´t know there was a peace movement. Without Zetra, we wouldn’t be able to see the parallels to today's Europe. Now we know how trivial 70 years of peace are, how quickly hatred is sown and war is harvested. And we wonder, whether we live in a pre-war-period then in a post-war-period.

Who are you doing it for?

For all people separating the country. Rather all young people, students from Sarajevo who talk to unemployed people from the countryside, who otherwise would spend their spare time with Islamist Elvedin Pezić on Youtube.


Marcus Pfeil

Idea created on Jan. 15, 2018
Last edit on Jan. 18, 2018

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