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Beyond Borders


Who is behind this?

Rabea Haß

Über den Tellerrand e.V.


Who is joining forces?

Deutscher Städtetag


Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

In the run-up of the European elections in 2019 we will tour German border towns with a mobile kitchen. We will rest for a couple of days in each place, inviting people from both sides of the border, refugees and locals, workers and academics, Christians and Muslims, singers and storytellers - all people living in Europe to cook with us. The kitchen table is the common ground to encourage cultural, political and social exchange. By doing so, we break down barriers and strengthen European unity.

Where will your idea take place?

We will travel to 6-8 German border towns reaching out to different neighboring countries.

Why does Europe need your idea?

We raise awareness among citizens on their European identity. By bringing together diverse people beyond borders, we create personal encounter, which sets the basis for a dialog on how we would like to live together. In addition, we encourage citizens to take their vote in the upcoming elections.

What is your impact?

1) Initiate a dialogue on Europe’s future among different societal groups
2) Focus on positive aspects of Europe (e.g. open borders) instead of the negative impact of the EU on our daily life
3) Bridging the gap between the perspective(s) on Europe of citizens and the decision makers in Brussels

How do you get there?

We travel with a mobile kitchen table to 6-8 German border towns. At the kitchen table, heterogeneous groups of people will exchange their perspective on Europe.By involving local civil society and decision makers, we make sure to reach out to diverse groups of society. A film team will document the encounters, so that we can present them to decision makers in Brussels.That’s how we continue virtually the kitchen stories with all actors of ongoing debates (e.g. integration) on the European level

What is your story?

Cooking is a perfect way to connect people. No matter of which age, sex, or nationality, cooking creates a bonding moment, in which strangers can exchange on eye-level.We use this medium to enable people to gain new perspectives on Europe and strengthen the sense of togetherness across nationalities

Who are you doing it for?

Target group:
- Local decision makers
- Heterogeneous groups of citizens (regarding e.g. their nationality, religion, educational background, age, gender)
- Decision makers in Europe

- Local municipalities
- Local civil society
- Intercultural core team




Idea created on Jan. 16, 2018
Last edit on Jan. 17, 2018

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