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Balkan heart


Who is behind this?

Dragan Stoiljković

Association for Local Development Kamenica


Who is joining forces?

Organization for Social Innovation “ARNO”

North Macedonia

Open Human Rights and Democracy Network „RADIO KAMELEON”

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Free Youth Centre


Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

Old ethnic divisions and conflicts in the Balkans are still successfully projected on new generations of youth. This is why we have the impression that we are in between two rounds of boxing. Socially isolated Balkan youth do not share the same values with their peers from Europe, and can be found practicing extremist behavior. We want to give them first-hand co working & co-living experience with peers of different nationalities in the region, which they could later apply in their communities.

Where will your idea take place?

Niš, Serbia

Why does Europe need your idea?

Regular forms of support to young people in Balkans are recording bad results. . Even 25.3% of young people are constantly "under the radar" of regular models of support. These young people are prone to manipulation and can be seen in the heart of extremism in the Balkans.

What is your impact?

Our goal is to organize four co working & co-living camps for young people from the Western Balkans. The daily interaction between peers of different nationalities will contribute to the growth of mutual understanding and tolerance. Young people will be more aware of their EU perspective.

How do you get there?

Together with our partners we will form four groups with a total of 200 young people from different countries of the Balkans. They will participate in 30 hours of different theoretical workshops from non-violent communication, education on national youth policies and models of engagement for youth to informal sessions familiarizing with the EU. During 30 practical integration workshops, young people in mixed teams will organize performances for locals, sports tournaments, language schools.

What is your story?

Socially and financially vulnerable youth from the Western Balkans are early frustrated due to poverty and social isolation. We have been working with the so called NEET category of young people (not in employment, education or training), and we believe that our experience could help young people.

Who are you doing it for?

Young people from Western Balkans, who are not able to travel and socialize with peers of other nationalities and religion, which is why diversity in their environment corresponds to boycott or violence. They have no competencies to participate in the social life of their communities.


Dragan S

Idea created on Jan. 18, 2018

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