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TraceMap - Debunking Fake News Together


Who is behind this?

Allegra Pochtler



Who is joining forces?

iRights Lab


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Idea pitch

Fake news are spreading on Social Media and populist parties use false information to disturb political debates. Our vision is a world in which we battle misinformation and fake news together. To achieve this we are developing an open source web tool, which empowers Social Media users to analyse the credibility of online news and collectively engage in debunking false information. TraceMap links cutting-edge graph database and machine learning technologies to advance online fact-checking.

Why does Europe need your idea?

Populist parties are on the rise, challenging European solidarity and fuelling racism and discrimination. But what if we had a tool to debunk their methods of spreading false information and emotionalizing political debates? TraceMap will empower people to join forces for collective fact-checking.

What is your impact?

TraceMap will create awareness for the mechanisms of online news diffusion and the role that we play as users. By empowering people to actively engage in fact-checking, we prevent fake news from spreading. This way we want to contribute to more objective and respectful political discussions.

How do you get there?

1. Data Collection: We create a database that mirrors the social network of Twitter and Facebook
2. Visualization: We develop a user friendly interface, which visualises complex data on news diffusion in an easy and playful way
3. Campaigning: We unveil populist networks with our tool and use these examples for a campaign to increase our outreach
4. Crowd-Debunking: Through partnerships with fact-checking platforms and content analysts we want to enrich our fake news detection

What is your story?

TraceMap originated from a think tank for social and digital transformation, where we met and sketched the concept of a tool to combat fake news on social media. As engaged European citizens, we believe that access to unbiased information is key to democratic participation.

Who are you doing it for?

We are realizing this project for all Social Media users in Europe, and especially for those who seek to contribute to a culture of online discussions that is based on facts. Additionally, we want to support professionals, such as journalists and influencers in their work of exposing false content.

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

We´d love your feedback and support! Do you know initiatives working on similar issues in your country? Do you know networks and potential partners for content creation? Do you know how to program? Join our team! Do you have a Twitter account? Donate a token at!


Allegra Pochtler


Philipp Beyerlin


Idea created on Jan. 19, 2018
Last edit on May 22, 2018