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Eastern European Eco-village Training Network


Who is behind this?

Valeria Svart-Gröger




Who is joining forces?

Earth Safe Design



Active Commons e.V. Germany



Insha Osvita / Khata Maysternya Ukraine



Ecolab Foundation for Sustainable Development Armenia http://ecolab-program.net/en/ Ideas Factory Bulgaria – ideasfactory. http://ideasfactorybg.org/ifactory/ Society for Responsible Consumption Association – Romania http://www.responsibleconsumption.ro/ Taso Foundation Georgia http://www.taso.org.ge

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Idea pitch

Rural life – boring? Ecological education – worn-out? Social innovations – overhyped?
NO, especially if brought together to focus their transformative power on addresing current crises of migration, climate change, poverty and political instability in Eastern European Countries. This is the plan of the E.E. Eco-village network – empowerment of rural population, involvement of urban, sharing experience, learning and practicing innovative community building, agriculture and energy approaches.

Where will your idea take place?

Moldova + Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Armenia, Georgia, Germany

Why does Europe need your idea?

The aftershocks of the economic collapse in the 90s palpable as many capable people continue to leave Eastern European countries for better opportunities elsewhere. Rural areas are bleeding. Urban people are tired of their unhealthy lifestyles. Environmental problems are ubiquitous and increasingly impactful. Although many people are aware and concerned, examples of viable alternatives are missing. The efforts of individuals and organization working on this should be strengthened and connected.

What is your impact?

--> to strengthen a European learning and support system for knowledge exchange on Eco-village training centers especially in Eastern Europe
--> to give young people in E.E. hope and reason to stay in the home region, while being connected to a vibrant European network of like-minded change makers
--> to attract a large number of urban people to ecological rural development in an innovative and progressive way and promote continuous education also beyond the 3rd sector.

How do you get there?

We will have three project elements
--> Seminars and vocational trainings for rural people (organic agriculture, social entrepreneurship, energy efficiency and renewables, natural construction, etc.)
--> “Days for hands, minds and hearts” - urban people come for a series of workshops at the Eco-villages to reconnect with practical aspects of life.
--> Conference and a continuous exchange platform of Eco-village Training Centers in E.E. - for visibility and capacity building of multipliers (study visits, skill trainings, consultancy)

What is your story?


Who are you doing it for?

The main beneficiaries are young people from rural and urban areas in Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Armenia and Georgia

The other main beneficiaries are the multipliers of ecological education – teams of eco-villages and eco-training centers in the respective countries

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

We look for suggestions on improvement. What does the urban Population want to learn in such eco-village Training Centers? What are the challenges, that rural Population faces in your regions? How do you tackle them?


Valeria EcoVisio

Idea created on March 9, 2016
Last edit on April 26, 2016