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Who is behind this?

Kseniia Chumakova




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Idea pitch

Currently in our country there is no chance to obtain proper practical skills as internships as such do not exist (there are several exceptions in international companies, but it is difficult to get a place there). Moreover, academic programs do not correspond the demands of labor market and can be modified only though direct interaction with employers. So, our idea can not only help to modernise educational system, but also introduce a world acknowledged internships practice to Ukrainian youth.

Where will your idea take place?

City of Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine

Why does Europe need your idea?

Ukrainian academic institutions provide students mostly with theoretical knowledge and formal field practice has proved to be inefficient. Therefore, after graduation students are not skilled enough to get a proper position. On the other hand, our sociological research carried out among the companies of our region has shown that nowadays, they face a real challenge trying to find qualified workforce as academic programs are outdated and not aimed at gaining practical working skills.

What is your impact?

We aim to create a platform to facilitate connection between students-interns and employers, free from burocratic formalities and timesaving for both companies and students. Such initiative can help the young get necessary experience and skills before graduation, as well as potentially solve the problem of their future employment. As for companies, they will get a chance to nurture a loyal and dedicated employee, who knows company policies and aims.

How do you get there?

1. Launching an online platform (done);
2. Establishing connection with enterprises and students in Zaporizhzhya (in process);
3. Running 10 pilot internships to find the main weaknesses of our strategy and correct them (start in June);
4. To popularise the idea - holding tutorials and workshops, involving specialists from different fields of expertise (througout the project, starting from September 2016);
5. Modification (if necessary) to function on permanent basis (Starting from pilot internships launch);
6. Social network creation start (starting from 2017);
7. Expanding the program to whole Ukrainian level (2017);
8. Inviting foreign experts to hold tutorials and workshops both for students and companies (possibly online) (2017);
9. Going international (2018).

What is your story?


Who are you doing it for?

a) students (practical skills and knowledge, possible employment, realizing whether they are prepared to work in the chosen field)
b) employers (get innovative, nurture loyal employees, eradicate the problem of workforce shortage, which hinders their development)
c) improving international cooperation and global scientific and academic knowledge exchange
d) helping Ukraine to integrate into European community through economics development and teaching Ukrainian companies to work in EU pattern


Idea created on March 5, 2016
Last edit on April 26, 2016