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Who is behind this?

Trine Demant



Who is joining forces?





Byens Hus


Byens Hus in Roskilde is a strategic partner and contributer to Demokratiscenen at the danish Folkemøde (Democracy Festival at Bornholm) and together we have developed the idea of democracy fitness.

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Idea pitch

Training democratic competencies is a neglected field. Like muscles in general our democratic muscles require training. When we fail to do this, our democratic muscles become weak - weakening the entire democratic body of Europe. DEMOCRACY FITNESS want’s to prevent this weakening by inviting democracy activist from across Europe to an intensive training camp. The training camp focuses on strengthening various democratic muscles such as the active listening-muscle and the compromise-muscle.

Where will your idea take place?

Bornholm, Denmark. - and will spread on to every possible Democracy gathering or Festival in Europe.

Why does Europe need your idea?

We need more active and engaging ways of practising democracy in Europe. While scholars are discussing institutions and treaties, too many civil democratic muscles are weakening. The main purpose of DEMOCRACY FITNESS is to give citizens an involving and bodily experience with democracy,

What is your impact?

The beneficiaries of DEMOCRACY FITNESS are for other civil society actors from across Europe. After having participated in the training camp they can call themselves DEMOCRACY FITNESS TRAINERS and go train others. DEMOCRACY FITNESS should also be carried out at European Democracy Festivals 2018/19.

How do you get there?

DEMOCRACY FITNESS is build on the idea that democracy can be trained and should be! DEMOCRACY FITNESS is developed and tested in a Danish context, however we believe DEMOCRACY FITNESS has a great European potential.
TRAINING OF TRAINERS (Camp in Bornholm): We will train civil society actors from across Europe in a new method for active citizenship
EXTENDING DEMOCRACY FITTNESS TO EUROPE: Through the training the participants will help develop the method, making it applicable to all Europe.

What is your story?

Europeans share a democratic challenges, therefore we believe, that it's time to get together to strengthen our democractic muscles and with a commen inclusive, fun and co-created method. DEMOCRACY FITNESS is a very simple concept and scalable and applicable to all kind of people and institutions.

Who are you doing it for?

Civil actors like NGO's engaged in Democracy matters, Youth Organisations, Democracy Festival organisers and contributers. Our wish is to develop the concept and train/educate a cross european group who will take the concept further out in society - and thereby make a social change awarness impact.

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

Dear reader. We would like feedback on the DEMOCRACY FITNESS IDEA in general. And hints to (more) Democracy Festivals (we already have contact to Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Island, Norway, Sweden, Denmark) and other democracy gatherings around Europe. What NGO's could be interresting?


Trine Demant

Zakia Elvang

Kathrine Krone Laurent

Idea created on Jan. 16, 2018
Last edit on May 24, 2018