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Idea pitch

POC21 is a catalyst to build the prototypes and products for a truly sustainable society. Ahead of the UN climate negotiations COP21 we set up an innovation camp of co-living and co-making to build the tools we need for the world we want.

Where will your idea take place?

Paris, France, Berlin, Germany

Why does Europe need your idea?

For the greater part the EU is perceived as political construct primarily serving big business players instead its own citizenry. What is needed today is the revitalization of the European core values.

Based on an engaged multitude of civil societies, Europe could take the global lead to co-create economical, societal, and ecological models for the 21st century. In this regard POC21 can be understood as one of the testing fields to future-proof Europe.

POC21 embraces key trends like digital fabrication, participatory design and open source development, is built upon the belief that diversity is fundamental to the creation of innovative approaches, and is driven by a German - French team of enthusiasts.

What is your impact?

Hundreds of promising collaborative, open projects are scattered across the EU - POC21 will be the catalyst to further develop, connect and promote these models as the „new normal“, ready to enter the mainstream.

By the end of the camp POC21 will present a coherent vision of an open, sustainable lifestyle that consists of prototypes in the five focus areas of food, housing, energy, communication and mobility.

Confirmed partners like the the Fraunhofer Institute (GER), the Universities of Potsdam (GER) and Bozen (ITA), the Institute of Advanced Architecture in Catalonia and the Green Fab Lab in Barcelona (ESP)and many more we´re talking to right now will ensure a strong diffusion of camp results to multiple stakeholders such as academia, business and policymakers.

How do you get there?

> Build up a partner network to research the potential of open source projects to address sustainability and the climate crisis.

> Call for projects in March 2015 to find and select the most promising open source projects for the POC21 camp.

> EU-wide online, crowdfunding and media campaign to build the brand and our network of multiplicators.

> Realize the POC21 innovation camp starting August 15th to further develop and showcase the open source tools for a collaborative and resilient society.

> Massive diffusion of camp results ahead of and beyond COP21 to partners, policy makers, academia and international media.

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What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

As we aim to support a collaborative and open society, any kind of feedback is very welcome and we try to integrate all progressive feedback into our work. Register for our newsletter to hear about working opportunities or the start of our Call for Projects!



Idea created on Feb. 25, 2015
Last edit on Jan. 16, 2016