Democracy and participation, Arts and cultural activities, Topics treated the last two years : Labor, Public Health

Architecture as a Political Practice


Who is behind this?

Xavier Wrona

Architecture as a Political Practice


Who is joining forces?

Ensase - Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Saint-Etienne




Centre Jean Pepin - CNRS - UMR 8230


This program is also linked with two institutions in the United States of America (Archeworks, and the University of Chicago :

Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

Architecture is an occupation of mankind usually associated with the « production of buildings ». But, the ongoing accumulation of massive and complex problems on the surface of the earth requires to reconsider this assumption. Vitruvius dedicated books to the design of machines, Palladio reformed the art of war. We will here work under the assumption that Architecture is the place for re-articulating all disciplines to work collectively on any complex problem within the construction of reality

Where will your idea take place?

Saint-Etienne - Region Rhône Alpes - France

Why does Europe need your idea?

The program is an attempt to reclaim the possibility of people to address collectively the major issues of our contemporary world such as the organisations of Labor, Public Health, Social Justice, Migrations, ... People from all fields and roles in society join to redesign the world order

What is your impact?

Each topic is treated for two years and ends with a project to be implemented in reality. The last session on Labor led to the creation, supported by the French government, of a School for the design of alternative industrial policies in France. We are now working on projects regarding Public Health

How do you get there?

1 Pedagogy
Students from the ENSASE work at Archeworks in Chicago on the chosen topic

2/ Scientific Activity
An international symposium is held in Europe or the USA articulating Students, Scholars, Artists, Activists

3/ Publication
The publication is achieved by ParaguayPress

4/ Every two year Participation in the Chicago Architecture Biennial
and the International Biennial of Design of Saint Etienne

5/ Application in reality : Each topic generates a real project every two years

What is your story?

We believe the current times are facing daunting problems that are not yet getting the attention and means required to be solved. As an architect I try to reorient this discipline in order for it to be meaningful regarding the anticipation of the problems to come instead of rebuilding after the fact

Who are you doing it for?

It targets people willing to use their knowledge on the major issues of the contemporary world, whatever expertise they have. It targets also elected officials which are trying to make a difference in the evolution of their territories and which are lacking meaningful, solid, alternative projects.

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

We are seeking for a collaborative environnement on ambitious projects and ideas regarding the major problems built in our way of inhabiting the planet. We are seeking for intellectual, economic, legal and infrastructural advice as well as potential partners in the mounting of experimental projects.


Political Practice

Idea created on Jan. 19, 2018

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