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Agents of Art -License to save the world


Who is behind this?

Melika Ramic

motschnik - Verein für feine Kunst


Who is joining forces?

Compagnie Cornelius


The coremembers of the team have worked&collaborated with following institutions and tend so in the future Theater Larf in Gent, The Lyric in London, Dschungel Wien, SCT Turin,

Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

It´s an Association of kids, youngsters, artists, scientist, craftspeople, cooks etc
from different cities in Europe. What connects them is the common mission:
To make the world a better one, a more beautiful one. To bring more joy, happiness, art, magic into this world through little and big acts of art&kindness.

Where will your idea take place?

Vienna, Berlin, Sarajevo, Turin,
optional: London, Gent

Why does Europe need your idea?

By encouraging children&youngsters to take a look at their environment& the society they life in, to seek there for spots that lack humanity, social engagement, beauty, joy,
and from there to develop artistic, poetic, magic acts of kindness with the help of artists, scientist etc. & make a change

What is your impact?

I think that there is a huge lack of empathy, courage&empowerment. This project will fill that lack with encouraging young people to stand up for their right for a peaceful world. They will feel empowered to activly impact their environment&society.
It´s important to start at a young age.

How do you get there?

Kids will get Workshops in different artistic fields&social awerness.
They'll create their own Alias/Agent with a missionstatement.
They'll develop individual social-artistic acts, but also big ones as a group.
These acts will be "undercover" (Robin Hood/Zorro Style) but left with a note that refers to the website of the project. All the acts will be documented by fotografs&put on a webside. The beneficiaries can leave a comment on the website how they´ve experienced this act of art&kindness

What is your story?

After having experienced flight from home as a child cause of war,I found myself often helpless. I was afraid the world might come to an end. But I had a game:I could safe t. world if I stay happy&kind. Now I want to empower kids, to make a change, but not only through a strong mind but real actions

Who are you doing it for?

Kids and Youngsters from the age of 8-18 will benefit from artistic&social workshops.
They will transform that experience into ideas& actions directed to any sitizen. It can be the neighbour next door, or the homeless person they walk by on their way to school, or any stranger.

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

It would be nice to get feedback on the idea itself and if the short description is clear... like that it will take place in public space or if that needs to made more clear?



Idea created on Jan. 19, 2018
Last edit on Jan. 19, 2018

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