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Advocacy literacy of persons with mental disabilit


Who is behind this?

Raisa Kravchenko

All-Ukrainian NGO Coalition for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities


Who is joining forces?

NGO «Human Rights Organisation «Human Rights»


Public organisation 'Ukrainian Association of Family Medicine»


Regional Center for the Granting of Secondary Legal Aid in Kyiv


Idea - to involve in provision information about human rights and advocacy of persons with ID through first contact points the majority of this target group are addressing sooner or later: Family Doct

Idea Sketch


Idea pitch

Building advocacy capacity of Ukrainians with ID and their legal representatives through their guaranteed access to information about rights (advocacy literacy info) and effective ways of advocacy will be done through dissemination of advocacy ABC leaflets in easy language in the contact points, such as family doctors, centers of free legal help, NGOs as well as through performances on advocacy issues of inclusive theatre (of persons with intellectual disabilities and volunteers) to students

Where will your idea take place?

Kyiv and all regions, Ukraine

Why does Europe need your idea?

Persons with ID are excluded from democracy processes, they don’t know about rights and participate in decision making. The Advocacy ABC will be developed in simple language, printed and distributed at all contact points where these people can be reached, also, provided through social networks

What is your impact?

All persons with mild intellectual disability and their relatives (more than 100 thousand Ukrainians) will get access to info about their rights and opportunities to influence decisions through special web page and the leaflet with advocacy ABC in simple language

How do you get there?

The info message about the rights of persons with mental disabilities will be prepared by law experts, then written in simple language and tested by the group of self-advocates with intellectual disabilities, a special web-page will be established, a series of 10 3-minutes videos will be filmed and put on the web-page. A leaflet with advocacy ABC will be distributed at the Family Doctors’ ambulances, network of free legal counseling, more than 100 advocacy and service provision NGOs

What is your story?

I have son with ID who didn’t fully realize his human rights as until now I didn’t know about all his rights. I initiated establishment of a local service NGO and the national umbrella network for 116 NGOs to advocate for their rights, one of task is families are to be informed about their rights

Who are you doing it for?

Self-advocates with mental disabilities
Family members of persons with intellectual disabilities
Human rights advocates from NGOs
Family Doctors and free legal advisors (the first contact persons to people with mental disabilities)

What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

We would like participants of platform to share their effective experiences of advocacy for persons with ID and especially those of their self-advocacy: how could you involve them into advocacy, how can you motivate community members to support them, how are they involved in democracy processes

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