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Viktoria Rozendaal

"Promote Ukraine"


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Idea pitch

Web-resource about Europe for Russian-speaking people. Due to historical realities and recent developments people from former-Soviet countries have misconceptions of Europe. This project may offer an objective view, as a better informed person is less sensitive to manipulations

Why does Europe need your idea?

EU has clearly demonstrated the will to have democratic societies in its neighborhood. On the other hand there is a lack of information in post-Soviet societies about European realities, customs and traditions. By providing this kind of information we can contribute to the changing of the attitude of those who was influenced by propagandas myths.
At the same time some people in post-Soviet countries already see Europe and Europeans as a model, as a symbol of success and prosperity. There is a demand for information, of how to achieve this success in different areas. By providing such information, people can receive answers to questions about required state reforms, but information can also change the mentality of the population itself.

What is your impact?

Address-Europe will offer a guideline for immigrants of former-Soviet republics in the EU, providing them with useful information that helps to integrate in the local societies. After setting up a contact with Russian speaking audience in Europe we expect to reach the audience in the post-Soviet countries (using social tools). The information “shared” by the relatives and friends in Europe is considered to be more reliable.
Most of the news items will be accompanied by the opinion polls, in this way we will be able to trace trends in public opinion.
After the year of project functioning we aim to get minimum 50 000 visitors per day, with constant increase. Lately this will allow us to launch a crowd funding and gain profits from advertisement, making the project self-sustaining.

How do you get there?

PU already started working on realization of the idea. Web-site is registered and managed by our activist.
We are working on networking with different communities and experts in Europe, in order to get from them exclusive and quality information, as it will be the driving force of the project.
In additional the next steps are needed:
- improvement of the design and functionality of web-site
- promotional campaign online: in social networks, online advertising in order to obtain initial traffic, this will facilitate further development of the project
- attracting more participants, who will produce content (this will be the activists in different EU countries). We will be able ask them to provide video, photo or text materials from the events they attend / organize.

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€ 50000,-

Funding requested from Advocate Europe

€ 50000,-

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Idea created on April 14, 2015
Last edit on Oct. 30, 2017

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