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Helen Darbishire

Access Info Europe


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Are you an activist on democracy and human rights issues in the EU region who gets frustrated by not knowing what’s going on in Brussels or is exasperated when lobbyists influence decisions and your expertise is not heard in policy debates? You can change that: Access the EU is for you!

Why does Europe need your idea?

Access the EU directly addresses the low participation in the EU and lack of training, tools and guidance in local languages on how it works and how to engage.

Our project delivers know how, hands on support, and local language channels so that human rights & democracy groups can exercise their right to information, participate strategically in decisions, and ensure citizen voices are heard in Brussels.

Access Info and partners will brief journalists and conduct public outreach to raise awareness of the local language materials. Partners will continue to use the newly-acquired skills in research and advocacy, acting as multipliers in their networks, passing on knowledge and lessons learned to other organisations in their country or those working on similar issues in other countries.

What is your impact?

European CSOs will enhance their knowledge of the right to access EU documents and will feel empowered to ask questions of the EU institutions, participate in decision making processes, and hold decision makers to account.

Success will mean that numerous civil society groups that have never previously requested information about or proactively participated in EU decision making begin to do so.

Guidance materials & the request platform in at least 3 new languages (adding Czech, Hungarian and Polish to the existing English, French, German and Spanish) will be a significant contribution to facilitating broad EU citizen access to Brussels, to counterbalance lobbying. Major impact will be that targeted EU policies reflect the public interest instead of narrow lobby interests.

How do you get there?

Under this project, we will create an “Access the EU” advocacy pack including a guide on access to EU documents, a webinar on EU decision-making and how to engage, and FAQs on the right to information.

We will run master-classes for CSOs in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, countries with active civil society but low levels of requests for EU documents and below average turnout in EU elections. All materials and will be translated into these languages.

Partners will be given expert, strategic guidance in order to:
Send information requests
Gather support from citizens via an online widget, utilising the advocacy potential of
Campaign to improve EU transparency
Conduct strategic litigation against barriers to access
Disseminate the “Access the EU” pack

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€ 50000,-

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€ 50000,-

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What do you need from the Advocate Europe community?

Feedback on usability, utility, advocacy potential, proposed improvements, etc


Access Info Europe

Idea created on April 10, 2015
Last edit on Oct. 30, 2017

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