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Arts and cultural activities | Migration

ART Bridges - Where our neighbors come from?

Our team of people with diverse background has decided to use skills for solving one of the biggest challenges of Europe: stereotypes, prejudices and misunderstanding towards Refugees who are constantly entering Europe from different borde…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Beyond '91 - Portrait of the "perestroika

7 countries. 7 reports. 7 languages. Exactly 25 years after the end of the Soviet Union, what are the most important daily issues facing the youth of the former Soviet states? We want to send young journalists to 7 countries (EST, LTU, LVA…
Migration | Education

Breaking Language Barriers

With “Breaking language barriers” we would use web based technologies to spread knowledge on intercultural learning, to create an direct exchange between educators in Europe on best practice and to provide schools with multimedia and fun …
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Building post

The post-growth future lacks inspiring stories. Research & Degrowth France wishes to build post-growth narratives. The processes will involve constructive dialogue to find an alternative path beyond the competition/closure dichotomy; at sc…
Arts and cultural activities | Communities

Chopin: A Letter through the Parisian Years

Our age promotes a forgetfulness of the past, with its alluring new inventions that comes hand in hand with a recklessness only short of an unreflective machine. With my project “Chopin: A Letter through the Parisian years” I want to bring…
Democracy and participation | Communities

Commons Watch Europe

Across Europe there is a surge in initiatives taking responsibility for their direct environment in a collaborative way, a true civic renaissance. Commons Watch Europe aims to launch the process of a shared political vision, strategy & ag…
Communities | Urban development

Community-led Housing in Europe

Alongside public and private actors, organized inhabitant groups (Cooperatives, CLTs, Co-housing, etc.) play a crucial role in tomorrow’s sustainable urban development. In some Scandinavian and Swiss cities, civil society actors produce mo…
Democracy and participation | Education

Des Europe & Des Hommes

Citizens feel they have no say on a Europe that's too far away (rhyme intended)? To tackle this challenge, we are building a seven-month "Tour de France" to reach out to people about Europe, i.e. to talk with citizens about how to resolve …
Education | Democracy and participation

Educap City - The Citizens Days

Educap City is a french prevention and sensibilisation program with 2 axes : fighting discriminations and bringing awareness about handicap for children from 9 to 10 ; organising a city raid for 11-13 years, using sport as pedagogic and ed…

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