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Democracy and participation | Communities

Active Community EU

In 2015, the first time in Ukraine started a systematic project on activization communities in 15 cities of Ukraine Institute "Republic". Today we have over 15,000 active citizens, more than 1,000 volunteers and 18 coordinators in 18 citie…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities


From July 2016, Slovak Republic will chair the Council of the EU. The entire Europe will direct its attention to our political scene and citizens. No easy ride. Slovakia is infamous for its negative attitude to quotas for refugees, to mino…

Bring the mobility hub to every European city!

Mobility hub will be place that will cover all mobility and environmental questions in Bratislava. The space will be connector for all environmental and transport NGOs with posibility for international connection with other hub members.
Environment | Democracy and participation

Czech and Slovak School of Citizen´s Initiative

The project aims to help the people who want to challenge problems in their community/environment. Through weekend workshops it shows them the way how to participate more in the public sector and educate them in european identity topics. I…
Democracy and participation

Find your MEP in the 2019 elections

Citizens in the V4 region are not eager to participate in the elections to the European Parliament. We want to change it. We will encourage them to find the most suitable candidate and take part in the 2019 elections. We will provide them…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

“Food for Thought” (Enhancing social cohesion …

Through food related activities we will promote tolerance and cohesion. We work with the idea of food and the activities surrounding it, bearing also social meaning besides providing nutrition to our bodies. Our events will serve as a natu…
Democracy and participation | Education

Monitoring Social Media during Elections in Europe

Social media has become an arena of public discourse and political campaigns. While there is much debate about how it works, there is little ‘live’ monitoring. Many problems, such as manipulation, hate speech and trolls are discovered too …

ODE TO JOY? Past - Present - Future

How many reasons for joy does Europe have to offer today? To its citizens? To the world? What are the greatest challenges, what future Europe has? Search for answers with European artists and experts on political science, EU legislation, e…
Democracy and participation | Migration


We set up a huge real labyrinth in public spaces (railway station, market place, etc) in cities of the 4 Visegrad countries (Budapest, Bratislava, Prague and Cracow). We use it as a tool to challenge the rapidly growing eurosceptic, populi…

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