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These are the winning initiatives of the past 5 years. Change the filter to the left if you would like to see more ideas.

Environment | Urban development

Co-creation for resilient cities

The project tackles the need for European cities to increase local communities’ capacity to respond to environmental hazards and stresses. We will develop a methodology for co-creation of solutions to urban hazards, by mixing the experienc…
Environment | Communities

Eastern European Eco-village Training Network

Rural life – boring? Ecological education – worn-out? Social innovations – overhyped? NO, especially if brought together to focus their transformative power on addresing current crises of migration, climate change, poverty and political i…
Communities | Environment

Empower Green

At present, over 50% of the world population lives in cities, where it is difficult to develop bonds with nature. Urban areas offer unique opportunities for building a resilient and sustainable future, where citizens are called to play a k…
Environment | Education

Global Youth Rising: Peace Summer Camp

A space in the mountains for youth activists and peacebuilders from around the world to develop skills and knowledge, share experiences and collaborate together on new projects
Arts and cultural activities | Environment

Gura Siriului Garden

At the south-east periphery of Bucharest is a 400m square garden where art, ecotourism, permaculture and worldwide community gathers. The space is open to free hosting for travelers of any nationality/age/gender and aim to empower people t…

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