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Constellations - Education Service

The Education Service is a laboratory for people of all ages and skills, focusing on creativity, debate and experimentation. As a democratic endeavour, education assumes an idea of the future in its incorporation, provision, of specific pr…


A translocal journey to collective inquire on current problems and challenges and to collaborate co-constructing new local and European narratives by experimenting with practical initiatives that can lead us to the better world our hearts …

Gardens for diversity

We intend to strengthen a garden network in Portugal and Spain to: preserve the genetic richesses of plant varieties; bring together gardeners from different backgrounds; share ecosystem agriculture techniques; develop ethical, local patte…

migration@europe: changemakers around the table

Bringing changemakers around a table of flavors, stories and intercultural dialogue, through storytelling, towards the empowerment of migration communities in exclusion around Europe.


PlataForma proposes to convert an old Political Prison in Lisbon’s periphery into a European lab for interdisciplinary creative communities. In a deeply crisis affected context, it will go beyond established disciplines combining a hands-o…


We want to develop a cultural business program that can teach people how to work together with new technologies.

THE OVEN - Nourishing a resilient Europe

Food as a universal language creates an extraordinary opportunity for interactions within tomorrow’s Europe, including migrants and transnational newcomers. Let's set an inclusive table, celebrating diversity, stimulating unusual encounter…

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