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Action Days in Europe: 250.000 + for Solidarity

We want to spread our innovative Action Day concept all over Europe. We empower and inspire fellow youngsters to show solidarity and stand up for a fair and democratic world.

ACT LIKE A LOCAL! Escape the tourist bubble …

“Is there a free jazz gig tonight?” “If there’s one museum I should see, which one?” “How many kisses do you give?” Those are the questions that USE-IT answers. USE-IT is made by locals, not commercial and free.


Web-resource about Europe for Russian-speaking people. Due to historical realities and recent developments people from former-Soviet countries have misconceptions of Europe. This project may offer an objective view, as a better informed ...

All quiet

100 years ago, Europe was at war. A century later, 60 youngsters from 8 European countries (from North, East, South, West Europe) will gather at the battlefields in Ypres to talk about democracy and peace in Europe.

An Educational Card Game on Media Literacy

Laugh while you learn to be a media wise, creative and democratic citizen! Play it anywhere, with anyone! Grab your family, your friends or your teacher at school and enjoy this interactive learning experience! Fun, above all, guaranteed.

Civic Education in Europe

Engaging the youth throughout all of Europe to advocate for teaching highly needed knowledge, skills and attitudes in fields of European democratic participation, human rights and sustainability in formal education systems, with a Europe...


Imagine yourself sitting around a table: fellow citizens of all generations and from all walks of life are speaking and listening to each other. Enter the world of possibilities and co-create new initiatives around participation and soci...

CoRe, the Consumer Revolution

CoRe is a straight-forward tool for democratic action: a mobile platform where citizens get simplified info on the health, environmental and social impacts of the products they buy and can collectively pressure companies to adopt more su...

Dine With Us

Locals and new immigrants are looking to meet each other, but don't find many opportunties. We create just that. Via a website we match locals and new immigrants and they organise a dinner party for their friends.

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