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105+ dB - Identity, participation and place

105+dB is a new sonic artwork about identity, place and participation. Using the noise of crowds to question what it means to belong as an individual and as a mass in modern Europe by capturing the 3D sound of 4 major european football gam…

1989 Generation Initiative

Would you leave your future in someone else's hands?

1HOUR4EUROPE – cross-sectoral, cross Europe

Imagine:In the year 2020, all citizens of every EU country will be able, as part of 1HOUR4EUROPE, to deliver a volunteer activity using dedicated funding. Let’s start: 1 city with a cross-sectoral partnership . All this with support of pri…

2 Problems =1 Solution

Ansiedlung und Aufbau einer Zukunft für Flüchtlinge, Roma und Jugend in den europäischen Entleerungsräumen, so liessen sich die schrumpfenden ländlichen aber auch städtischen Räume revitalisieren.

ABC for those, who can't pay for it

The understanding and love of a different culture starts with the understanding and love of its language. The first step for the international cooperation is to involve children to English from the very young age. But those in orphan hous…

Access the EU

Are you an activist on democracy and human rights issues in the EU region who gets frustrated by not knowing what’s going on in Brussels or is exasperated when lobbyists influence decisions and your expertise is not heard in policy debates…

A collaboration tool to revive European comics

A site that enables comic writers, sketch artists, inkers, translators and indie merchandizers to connect on a micro level and progressively build a strong network

Action Days in Europe: 250.000 + for Solidarity

We want to spread our innovative Action Day concept all over Europe. We empower and inspire fellow youngsters to show solidarity and stand up for a fair and democratic world.

ACT LIKE A LOCAL! Escape the tourist bubble …

“Is there a free jazz gig tonight?” “If there’s one museum I should see, which one?” “How many kisses do you give?” Those are the questions that USE-IT answers. USE-IT is made by locals, not commercial and free.

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