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Democracy and participation | Education

Accessible homeschooling

A new law “On Education” in Ukraine allows a free choice of education formats, including homeschooling. But only several schools in the country are providing attestation for homeschooled students because of lack of the regulatory framework…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Advocacy literacy of persons with mental disabilit

Building advocacy capacity of Ukrainians with ID and their legal representatives through their guaranteed access to information about rights (advocacy literacy info) and effective ways of advocacy will be done through dissemination of advo…
Environment | Urban development

Answer climate mishap

Do we see the real impacts of climate change in European cities, can we find solutions for them together? Solutions not only from scientists or politicians but from ordinary citizens who also can influence decisions. See and show it loud,…
Democracy and participation | Communities

Campaign for democracy

The idea is to encourage people from different social origins, culture and backgrounds to sit together and co-design messages and ideas in the form of campaigns against the impression that power is held in the hands of a few, against each …
Democracy and participation | Education

Cinema Voice for Civil Society

They say, “a picture is worth of thousand words”, but how about the power of movies? We believe that it is possible to reinforce the local community towards a stronger civil society. Film-making is chosen as the main tool because it will …
Democracy and participation

Civil Service Feedback Loop Initiative

Democracy means strong links between citizens and civil servants. The PGA will engage Ukrainian alumni of world-class Universities and public policy research institutions in a qualitative study of Ukraine’s civil service, ensuring an indep…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Cultural Toolbox for Democracy

Bringing together European cultural actors, social worker, journalists, web documentary writer, to create a toolbox that can be adapted and mobilised to support and develop initiatives in favour of democracy. This toolkit will make it poss…
Arts and cultural activities | Education

Educational TV program We Mean Business Code

New Democracies suffer from non-inclusion into European community. Lack of soft skills prevent people from finding path to partnership with European peers, gaining already existing expertise. Negotiations in business fail due to misunderst…

Education transformation

In Ukraine, schooling can be changed only through the retraining of teachers. Butwe have often heard from the teachers themselves that these are the pupils who are pushing the teacher and the school administration to develop. We want to o…

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