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Communities | Education

"Catalogue of women" project

"Catalogue of women"* project has 3 main goals: 1. support and grow the Alumnae network of European schools. 2. develop workshops with focus on girls mentoring at four schools (Varese, Karlsruhe, Uccle, Luxembourg) open for everyone i...
Democracy and participation | Urban development

Cities and Regions for Europe

The Urban Agenda, launched by the European Commission, seeks to improve the quality of life in urban areas. As honourful as it is, it does not address the responsibility of cities for the success of Europe and it’s a mecanism from top do...
Democracy and participation | Communities

CoCreActive – Online/Offline Participation Process

In times of great challenges and increasing polarization, democracy needs to evolve. CoCreActive enables everyone to contribute their creativity in an enthusiastic way toward the development of future-safe solutions. Our innovative onlin...
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Commons for Europe 2019

Systemic crises in Europe have damaged trust in democratic representation. Meanwhile, many crises have been met with fresh alternatives using the collaborative practices of the Commons. Europe, as a beacon of progressive values, can lead...
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Compact for Europe

Our goal is to inspire young people to take over social responsibility in their home countries by giving them the practical tools and by jointly developing values which provide orientation in combating social problems on the ground. The ...
Democracy and participation | Communities

Conflict Transformation in South East Turkey

The project aims to empower human rights and other civil activists in South East Turkey by enhancing their capacity to employ nonviolent strategies and instruments, as well as their knowledge of community building and unarmed civilian pr...
Democracy and participation | Communities

Cooking up Solutions

What happens when a civil society organization, a policy maker and a journalist are presented with an unusual combination of foods and need to invent a meal? “Cooking up Solutions“ gets the three participants on equal footing as they coo...
Democracy and participation | Communities

Cooperative Communities – Inspiring Participation

Government agencies and citizens should cooperate closely to realize their full societal potential. Institutionalized points of exchange and constant interaction are needed: “Advocati” keep public decision-making transparent and creative...

Cooperatives of Open Education

The project embraces the teachers and students from all over Poland, who with the support of partners from the world of science, business and art create (in small groups) open educational resources. The method is based on cooperation and...

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