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Democracy and participation | Education

Anne Frank Youth Network

We will enable youth to startup their own non formal educational projects in their respective countries advocating shared European values, promoting democracy and human rights. They will do this from trainings they gain from attending a ...
Democracy and participation | Education

Bosnia talks

The Zetra Project reached more than two million people in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2016. Hundreds have told us their story. And when asked why a war broke out that nobody wanted, they said: "We stopped talking!" Today, more than 26 year...
Communities | Education

"Catalogue of women" project

"Catalogue of women"* project has 3 main goals: 1. support and grow the Alumnae network of European schools. 2. develop workshops with focus on girls mentoring at four schools (Varese, Karlsruhe, Uccle, Luxembourg) open for everyone i...

Cooperatives of Open Education

The project embraces the teachers and students from all over Poland, who with the support of partners from the world of science, business and art create (in small groups) open educational resources. The method is based on cooperation and...
Democracy and participation | Education

„Democracy needs teachers“

Political education is central for well functioning democracies. The idea is to organise a crossborder dialogue, consisting of workshops, between Germany and Poland. In interactive workshops, we will strenghten structures in the educatio...
Democracy and participation | Education

Democratise Europe's monetary order

Europe was founded on a vision of shared values, including democracy. But financial targets and economic rules have taken over as a secular and anti-democratic religion. The Euro currently fails to act as a shared bond of trust; instead ...
Democracy and participation | Education

#ELECT EUROPE 2019 – Go European!

Building on last year's successful campaign #MachsEuropäisch, we will organize a joint campaign running from August 2018 until the European elections instead of each pro-European initiative planning individually. Making Europe tangible,...
Democracy and participation | Education

EUROMAT. Boosting turnout in the EU elections 2019

Main challenge: Many Europeans don’t understand EU politics, which leads to low turnout in EP elections. Objective: Our EUROMAT makes political positions tangible & provides an information platform. Target group: Interested EU citizens...
Democracy and participation | Education

European election compass

The European election compass is a handy online application that helps to find relevant information on digital topics in party programs. It will take only several clicks to read though hundreds of pages. Just chose a key word - i.e. digi...

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