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Democracy and participation | Social inclusion


In Armenia 90% of seniors live not in retirement house/elderly home but in their own houses and some of them alone in small towns and villages. Armheplbutton can be the only help in case of urgent help for these people. Our challenging pro…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Delivering Democracy

The long-term TC «Delivering Democacy» is a 7 days TC with 25 young people aiming to develop Democarcy from 7 regions in all over Armenia and Artsakh/Nagorno Kharabakh, promote respect for human rights and gender equlity, to do a step forw…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Democracy in Action!

We aim to use interactive theatre method as a unique tool for edutainment to develop the civic capacities of Armenian schoolchildren (aged 9-12), who are not supported through the educational system to realise their role as active citizens…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion


The past few years have seen overwhelming examples of decisions made by countries, voters against the spirit of democracy and inclusiveness in Europe.The onus is now on the future generation how they will shape Europe & European values. We…
Democracy and participation

Dialogue Media Center

Project goal is to promote the participation of the Shirak Region population in public policy and decision-making through training of civilian journalists, meeting-discussions, press conferences, online broadcasts, to create a culture of d…
Democracy and participation | Migration

“Europe – interested insight”

Europe faces many problems today. It is sometimes much easier to find solutions to those problems, for the ones with fresh insight. So, we planned to organize 24 discussions with political scientists; international relations specialists; m…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

MuseIC of Diversity

To support Armenia's EU aspirations, MuseIC exposes local rural communities to European culture and democratic values through an innovative program at SMART Center, COAF's remarkably unique new informal education hub. Through a combination…
Democracy and participation

Powered by People

The project duration is 3 months. And we plan to implement it 3 times within the following year. Each project consist of 3 parts: Introduction • Democracy Experts giving Speeches • Trainings to get familiar with main concepts • Detail…
Democracy and participation | Migration

Prevention of migration to Europe native Armenians

More than 15 thousand Syrian Armenians arrived into Armenia in recent years as a result of the armed conflict in Syria. Besides social and psychological issues, they face employment and housing problems in Armenia where severe socio-econo…

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