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Environment | Urban development

Answer climate mishap

Do we see the real impacts of climate change in European cities, can we find solutions for them together? Solutions not only from scientists or politicians but from ordinary citizens who also can influence decisions. See and show it lou...
Democracy and participation | Environment

Developing youth environmental groups in the …

Aiming to permanently mobilize the potentials of active young citizens in environmental protection, build support for environmental NGOs and to take up socially urgent environmental issues in the peripheral regions, the partner NGOs, org...
Environment | Communities

Eastern European Eco-village Training Network

Rural life – boring? Ecological education – worn-out? Social innovations – overhyped? NO, especially if brought together to focus their transformative power on addresing current crises of migration, climate change, poverty and political...
Environment | Communities

Ideal home

"Home swit home". Think You know this prase. But can ideal home be: not expensive, eco friendly, comfortable, beutiful at the same time? Can You build it yourself even if You don't know a lot in architecture and Building? Anyone can - we...
Democracy and participation | Environment

Just transition in coal regions – let’s do it!

Citizens, mine workers, regional development planners, coaches, media representatives, decision makers, innovative entrepreneurs –change makers from coal regions in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Russia develop in hackathons visions of a j...
Environment | Education

The class of nature underneath the open sky

Let's study and practise in our special lab The class under the open sky. We are going to create the paradise near our school.

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