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Education | Arts and cultural activities

An EasternEurope modular,online library with …

The project is a network of online video platforms, each one established in a country of the region and supported by its national film agency, and each one carrying every available, significant film that constitutes the country’s past and …
Urban development | Education

Educating young minds for sustainable design

The set-up consists in making the river bank accessible, despite the obstacles created by the landscape and inserting a number of points of interest for the inhabitants and the public. In the lakes’ area are isolated facilities that aim to…
Social inclusion | Education

Education on wheels

If the poor Roma children can't go to school, the school will come to them. An innovative and practical project, Education on Wheels, will travel around 5 of the most segregated and disadvantaged Roma communities in Romania, offering poor …
Democracy and participation | Education


Populism poisons the minds of youngsters with fear and untruth. Teachers try to cure it by preaching history books to digital natives. We think teens need to experience education as an engaging experience, so together with school kids aged…
Democracy and participation | Education

EU Elections: Get Youth to Act

Young people are the most positive about the EU, yet have the lowest turnout at European elections. A new partnership among the Green European Foundation network and A.R.T. Fusion aims to strengthen youth engagement and voting. We will use…


Food CHAlleNGE HUB- the space of ViVid solutions for food issues! Nutritionists, permaculturists, architects,environmental experts, sociologists, cookers & marketing specialists will empower you to make a sustainability shift on how you r…
Environment | Education

Global Youth Rising: Peace Summer Camp

A space in the mountains for youth activists and peacebuilders from around the world to develop skills and knowledge, share experiences and collaborate together on new projects

Happy Education

I wanna do a class to improve skills for children in identifying how can they be happy. How can they identify their emotions ,their feelings, how to control them, how can they be more happy.

My idea is to bring YogaBugs in Romania for …

I dream and I will work hardly to bring in Romania YogaBugs franchise, an easy method of educating children to stay healthy, fit and happy! Because I used to be an educative trainer I am sure that romanian children need new ways of learnin…

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