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Migration | Education

Breaking Language Barriers

With “Breaking language barriers” we would use web based technologies to spread knowledge on intercultural learning, to create an direct exchange between educators in Europe on best practice and to provide schools with multimedia and fun …
Arts and cultural activities | Education

Centre for Visual Arts in a Post-Conflict Society

Bosnia has been on a long road to recovery from nearly crumbling after the 1992-95 war. More than half of its population now lives abroad. Almost 60 high schools remain segregated along ethnic lines. The centre will provide a platform for …
Democracy and participation | Education

Des Europe & Des Hommes

Citizens feel they have no say on a Europe that's too far away (rhyme intended)? To tackle this challenge, we are building a seven-month "Tour de France" to reach out to people about Europe, i.e. to talk with citizens about how to resolve …
Education | Democracy and participation

Educap City - The Citizens Days

Educap City is a french prevention and sensibilisation program with 2 axes : fighting discriminations and bringing awareness about handicap for children from 9 to 10 ; organising a city raid for 11-13 years, using sport as pedagogic and ed…
Democracy and participation | Education

Education for the Prevention of Violence

The migrant crisis is challenging the cornerstones of democracy giving rise to far right populist movements across Europe. If as educators we fail to speak up for the rule of law and do not act to prevent injustices and radicalization, the…
Democracy and participation | Education

Embedding Europe in the Journalism of Tomorrow

The debate on the EU is toxic today, as seen in the Brexit vote, with incomplete/false info in the media & the rising role of the tabloids. It is crucial to educate the next generation of journalists in order to provide them with tools to …
Democracy and participation | Education

EuropeMan Help !

Following an animated short films competition organized in 2015 by the association EUROPEANS WITHOUT BORDERS to encourage young students of animation schools to represent situations relating to European citizenship, a short animation movi…


Children are happy to learn new things in a joyful natural way. This joy ends when lerning become "compulsory". But learning is impossible without emotions: children should love what they are learning or their school experience will be a t…
Democracy and participation | Education

Languages as Bridges to Connect Democratic Schools

Human beings possess the astounding ability to understand each other and the world through languages. Language is a formidable tool that can transmit messages of love, hope, freedom, respect and cooperation. However, it can also be used to…

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