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Democracy and participation | Education


Europe and the world is facing major challenges, which directly affect our lives, but are often presented as remote and intractable. This project´s aim is to offer schools lectures led by people who deal with the above mentioned challenges…

Better Place for #Better Schools

Better Place is an evolutionary step forward from the plain old boring civic problem reporting system! Our system opens up a whole new world of funding for schools, municipalities, NGOs and citizens by connecting these groups in a fun, mut…
Democracy and participation | Education

Flipped Democracy

Democracy is in crisis as populist, illiberal forces are on the rise. Debating Europe wants to empower the next generation to take an active role and participate in democracy. Flipped Democracy will use online video tutorials and offline r…
Environment | Education

Flower Power

Each year, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims cross Europe towards Santiago de Compostela following the Way of St.James along a wide network of paths. At the same time, the decline of pollinators is threatening the EU's agricultural syste…
Arts and cultural activities | Education


We would like to organise a several days’ duration meeting of exhibitioners of the NGO GFPS, which is arranged every semester in different cities of DE, PL and CZE. At this rally are presented exhibitioners’ projects, due to which they gai…
Democracy and participation | Education

Generation Europe

Support young researchers from different places in Europe to jointly investigate their generation! In a uniquely participatory approach, students from diverse universities (Bochum, Graz, Lviv, Magdeburg, Olomouc, Vienna, …) will create a s…
Communities | Education

Hate Free Cities

Hate Free Cities is a long-term project connecting 4 cities in 4 countries - Brno, Czech republic, Herceg Novi, Montenegro, Tbilisi, Georgia and Lodz, Poland to become cities without hate speech. We are bringing innovative approaches to l…
Democracy and participation | Education

Koulu School for Democracy

Across Europe, alarms are ringing out that belief & willingness to participate in democratic life are dwindling. We want to change this. Using Demos Helsinki's tested Koulu School peer-learning concept, we will give citizens tools to s…
Democracy and participation | Education

School of Civil Initiative

Czech Republic is struggling with dangerous illiberal tendencies that have managed to transform into political power, divide the society and raise tensions. We believe there is a way out through vibrant active civil society engaged in ever…

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