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Democracy and participation | Education

Academic Participatory Policymaking

Uneven stakeholder consultations advance the perception of the EU as a policymaker ‘behind-closed-doors’. When large corporations spent some €838 million for lobbying in Brussels, academics and small nonprofits have a much weaker position.…
Environment | Education

ACT 4 Climate

This project aims to open up access for citizens to protect their future by becoming involved in climate policy advocacy. EU legislation on climate is so technical that it virtually limits access to participation to most EU citizens. Decis…
Arts and cultural activities | Education

Agents of Art -License to save the world

It´s an Association of kids, youngsters, artists, scientist, craftspeople, cooks etc from different cities in Europe. What connects them is the common mission: To make the world a better one, a more beautiful one. To bring more joy, happ…
Communities | Education

"Catalogue of women" project

"Catalogue of women"* project has 3 main goals: 1. support and grow the Alumnae network of European schools. 2. develop workshops with focus on girls mentoring at four schools (Varese, Karlsruhe, Uccle, Luxembourg) open for everyone int…
Communities | Education


Imagine you get students out of the classroom andget streetyouth to move from their corner. Imagine they learn to work together to build community-led entreprise projects. Many challenges come from a lack of relationship, sharing of knowle…
Democracy and participation | Education


What if anyone could understand what it means to communicate a project - to talk efficiently about a topic and make it possible to reach out to thousand of people? We want to train thousands of Communication professionals to talk about E…
Democracy and participation | Education

Europa United

We wish to provide a platform for all Europeans who want to discuss the European project through self pinned articles. All are welcome and we accept all kind of articles on European politics, Arts and culture. We provide proofreading and h…
Democracy and participation | Education

European Projects Acceleration Lab Brussels

Platform that enables and empowers freelancers, start-ups and organizations to effectively access the European grants, improve their performances in European project building and management and improve their effective policy and lobby init…
Arts and cultural activities | Education

Europe Is Not Dead !

Far from thinking that Europe is boring, EuropeIsNotDead assumes,
 on the opposite, that Europe is a
 land bursting with surprises. By providing a transnational perspective on the cultural expressions of the Europeans’ every-day life, Euro…

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