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Social inclusion | Education

Active seniors - active retirement

Activisation of the senior citizens by organizing trips, language and computer skills courses and attend cultural events - in favour of enhancing the participation of the senior citizens in public life while guaranteeing their safety by ...
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

AEGEE Election Observation

AEGEE Election Observation is an independent European youth initiative organizing Election Observation Missions (OMs) in Europe. In doing so, we aim to: 1. contribute to the transparency and integrity of elections; 2. assess the engageme...
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Engage, Empower, and Organize

By strengthening Hungary’s democracy together, we will strengthen Europe’s democracy. Combining restorative and transformative practices, community organizing, and meeting facilitation, the Hungarian Secular Association is empowering i...
Social inclusion | Migration

From distrust to cooperation. From slums to house.

25 years of Roma slums resulted only in conflict of responsibility between municipality and activists, in which we join as mediators.. After 2 years more than 100 people live in training houses and start working or attend to school. We ...
Social inclusion | Communities

Futurespotters Lab

Futurespotters Lab is a blend of physical and virtual, international and local residency that reinvents modern collectivity - by co-living, co-working and stewarding underused assets. It’s a sandbox for the potential that creative indivi...
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Hate Free Network

“Hate Free Spaces” project aims to counter this dangerous tendency. Once hate speech and xenophobic views become accepted as a regular part of public discourse, and they are freely promoted in the public space, we will set ourselves on a...
Social inclusion | Education

Joint Venture 65+

The percentage of older citizens is proportionally growing and will play an even greater role within Europe in the future. Thus it is not only necessary but crucial for Europe to support and nourish the international exchange and reconci...
Social inclusion | Education

Leaving A Mark

"We have to do what we can to help wherever and whenever it is possible for us to help." Volunteers are giving their time and life serving in refugee camps. Now, it's time for us to give them what they need - trainings, skills and know...
Migration | Social inclusion


A documentary about the objects lost by refugees trying to cross Serbia - and about the stories of their owners. Often, these letters, pictures, and children’s toys, are the only remains of their journeys, and sometimes of their lives. I...

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