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Democracy and participation | Migration

Europe starts in Vartekili

The project consists in promoting and testing European interactive & empowering & result oriented approaches to public space renewal: on-line map-based voting, charrette with architects, city game, ARCH LIFE LAB in Vartekili suburbs of Tbi…
Social inclusion | Migration

From distrust to cooperation. From slums to house.

25 years of Roma slums resulted only in conflict of responsibility between municipality and activists, in which we join as mediators.. After 2 years more than 100 people live in training houses and start working or attend to school. We wo…
Migration | Communities

leaving and arriving – VIA REGIA

We plan a travelling exhibition that should be shown in a tent in public spaces in 6 cities illustrating free and forced migrations in the 20th centuries along the route VIA REGIA. On concrete examples we want to show that our common Europ…
Migration | Arts and cultural activities

Let's meet!

Our idea based on creating an internet platform which will be a base of the most necessary information about Poland, directed at Ukrainian who have been already staying in our country but also to them who are planning to come. The base wil…
Migration | Communities

Local activists against xenophobia

We want to support informal groups of people in small communities that are willing to counteract xenophobia in their cities, but do not have enough knowledge or tools to work. They also have no financial and formal support from the local a…
Migration | Democracy and participation

looking back – moving forward

In crossborder workshops for multipliers in Poland, Germany and Turkey we will examine (forced) migration in the 20th and 21 century, the construction of national identity and political concepts of belonging and exclusion. Drawing the line…
Migration | Social inclusion


A documentary about the objects lost by refugees trying to cross Serbia - and about the stories of their owners. Often, these letters, pictures, and children’s toys, are the only remains of their journeys, and sometimes of their lives. In …
Democracy and participation | Migration


When an architect comes to live in a new country what happens? She opens a restaurant. And a nurse? Obviously, she will launch a singing competition. We want to use Ashoka European network to support the leaders of migrant groups in CEE co…
Democracy and participation | Migration

Migrant integration & multistakeholder governance?

The great influx of migrants since 2015 has the EU facing an enormous task. European cities play a decisive role in successful migrant integration and in finding solutions for multiple challenges. Key representatives from city authorities,…

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