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Communities | Education

100 well-known Poles with foreign roots.

Recent changes in Poland with Constitution broken, democracy in danger, spreading nationalism & xenophobia, powerless opposition look danger. We want to remind all that Poland was a tolerant country for ages and friendly for foreigners. ...

1HOUR4EUROPE – cross-sectoral, cross Europe

Imagine:In the year 2020, all citizens of every EU country will be able, as part of 1HOUR4EUROPE, to deliver a volunteer activity using dedicated funding. Let’s start: 1 city with a cross-sectoral partnership . All this with support of p...
Democracy and participation

Access to information to counter fake news on EU

Austria, Hungary and Poland experience pressure on democratic space, have disastrously poor access to information rules and a prevailing culture of secrecy. To keep citizens informed, combat fake news about the EU and fight corruption, w...
Social inclusion | Education

Active seniors - active retirement

Activisation of the senior citizens by organizing trips, language and computer skills courses and attend cultural events - in favour of enhancing the participation of the senior citizens in public life while guaranteeing their safety by ...

AD goes to Georgia

Let's bring audio description to Georgia for the blind to enjoy equal access to the arts.
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

AEGEE Election Observation

AEGEE Election Observation is an independent European youth initiative organizing Election Observation Missions (OMs) in Europe. In doing so, we aim to: 1. contribute to the transparency and integrity of elections; 2. assess the engageme...
Democracy and participation

"Belarus Votes 2016"

Twelve young journalists from Belarus, Germany and Poland will discover the insights of “Europe’s last dictatorship” during the upcoming parliamentary election. Working in multinational teams, they will shed light on Belarus, which remai...

„Beyond the borders”

Project „Beyond the borders” aims in real cross border cooperation between Polish and Czech regions: Klodzko and Nachodzko. Even if formal borders are open they still exist in our mentality. We want them to disappear by series of sport a...

Bringing audio description to Georgia

We would like to describe the world to the visually impaired Georgians using all possible methods!

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