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A collaboration tool to revive European comics

A site that enables comic writers, sketch artists, inkers, translators and indie merchandizers to connect on a micro level and progressively build a strong network
Education | Arts and cultural activities

An EasternEurope modular,online library with …

The project is a network of online video platforms, each one established in a country of the region and supported by its national film agency, and each one carrying every available, significant film that constitutes the country’s past and …

BA in Freelancing -

What if getting all possible degrees is still not enough to survive in an unpredictable labor market? “BA in Freelancing” emphasizes the need more than 9 million Europeans have, but most universities overlook: equipping young professionals…
Social inclusion | Migration

Balkan Route Revisited

With the collapse of Yugoslavia in the 1990's, seven new nations appeared on Europe's political map. As is know, this process was painful and millions of people had to take refuge from violence and turmoil. Hardly two decades later, the re…


cc.SPORT is connecting European initiatives that are contesting and contextualizing the field of SPORT, as oppressive, discriminatory, exclusionary and unjust, for mobilizing people in solidarity for doing creative and critical sport work.…
Democracy and participation

Democracy Repair Cafés - Reach Out To The Streets

Democracy Repair Cafés are interactive workshops where participants experience how politics and participation work, reflect their own potentials, learn from each other and find ways to get active. This project takes the concept to a Europe…
Education | Environment

Developing Young City Farmers & Craftsmen

Pupils aged 8 – 13 from Urban areas (60 from Sofia and 45 from Zagreb) will visit farms in Rural areas (Sofia region, Trun Municipality in BG and Lika - Traditional Craft Center Otocac in Croatia) to see food chain (wheat/einkorn farm – gr…
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

European Freelancers Week

European Freelancers Week (EFW) is a coordinated series of events bringing together independent workers to empower each other and inspire solutions for common problems. A calendar of meetups, talks and workshops will be held in coworking s…

European passport

How to become a culturaly aware society ? I see answer in education the young generation. Education of young generation will reduce cultural intolerance. Making lecutes and educational workshope through traditional cusine of all European c…

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