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Democracy and participation | Urban development

Citizens and Cities of Change

If cities are governed better, they can show the way to a better Europe. Many fruitful examples exist from Spanish citizens' led coalitions in charge of major cities to many local administrations opening up their budgets to citizens. W...
Communities | Urban development

CIVICS projects & data for interactive democracy

CIVICS is a Commons Initiative involving more than 3600 citizen initiatives in 29 Ibero-American cities across 16 countries. It articulates their local dynamics with a hybrid platform of workshops & software to implement, improve their a...
Environment | Urban development

Collaborative platform EL is a collaborative platform for research, experimentation and use of waste to build objects, spaces and systems, where the user community shares everything they do and how they do it, learning from it and collaborating w...
Urban development

ENVIENTA - Alternative Lifestyle

ENVIENTA is a next generation sharing economy model, a DIY maker movement and community-based solution package for the 21st century, which provides share of know-how, blueprints, products and resources for the members. It's a P2P open so...
Democracy and participation | Urban development

European Citizens with a Social Impact (ECSI)

There are over 200 incubators in Europe, whose at least half of them are aimed to support startups with a social impact. ECSI intends to get EU citizens closer to these initiatives, reducing the gap between existing social innovations fe...
Communities | Urban development

Fairbnb - Community-powered tourism

Short-term rental is causing issues in many European cities. Our project aims to reduce its negative externalities while creating positive ones with the support local communities. Fairbnb is a non-profit vacation-rental platform which a...
Democracy and participation | Urban development

Happy and Common Good European Cities

European values are freedom, tolerance, unity, etc. And yet, we measure our welfare through GDP: What does GDP tell us about common good? We need to change the indicator if we want to change our lives. We want to co-create the first welf...
Social inclusion | Urban development

IMBY - In My Backyard

For refugees, there is no environment more thrilling than big cities. But for them it may also be the long way home. IMBY enables locals and refugees to step in and participate in a new form of hospitality. The project proposes owners t...
Democracy and participation | Urban development

Incubator for Participatory Democracy in Europe

Across Europe, cities are experimenting with participatory democracy, in budgeting, in planning and in city services. Too often, those experiments are small-scale, disconnected and fail to transition from experiment to mainstream. The In...

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