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Urban development | Migration

Alternative Employment Agency for Refugees

In many European cities, especially in marginalized quarters, craftspeople have problems to make ends meet. They also fear their craft is becoming extinct. Tension between old dwellers and shop owners and refugees can be high. We aim to co…
Environment | Urban development

Answer climate mishap

Do we see the real impacts of climate change in European cities, can we find solutions for them together? Solutions not only from scientists or politicians but from ordinary citizens who also can influence decisions. See and show it loud,…
Urban development

An urban and vertical farming design workshop in …

To involve civil society in reshaping European cities by organising interdisciplinary urban and vertical farming design workshops in order to support sustainable urban development.
Social inclusion | Urban development

astronomy-rules for +democracy & world-wide-wealth

Paradise on Earth – an astronomy approach. In 100 years: 1% firms survive – vs 99,999…% stars. I invented the time- & space- formulas and applied astronomy-rules on economy and politics. I used: 1. Star-Birth-Energy: as LWB (Lifetime-Worki…
Democracy and participation | Urban development

Back on Track!

How might we engage citizens to listen to each other and be proactive in the development of their city? We’ll create a Listening Lab on a degraded suburban train that will act as a stage for reflection on urban change. The aim is to foster…
Democracy and participation | Urban development

Cities and Regions for Europe

The Urban Agenda, launched by the European Commission, seeks to improve the quality of life in urban areas. As honourful as it is, it does not address the responsibility of cities for the success of Europe and it’s a mecanism from top down…
Communities | Urban development

EleKtronic Windows Through The Multifactories …

We want to build a non capitalistic economic system based on Sharing and mutual support, that will prove to be better than the capitalistic one. Our dream: that those who believe in collaborating and sharing will say: "I do this everyday! …
Democracy and participation | Urban development

European Growth Initiative

Inspiring bottom-up approach to green local investments in Poland and Germany by sharing good practices of "Energiewende" in multi-stakeholder forums, facilitated by the EU institutions - for a better sustainable development policy in Euro…
Arts and cultural activities | Urban development

International Russian

The project implies a series of workshops on the development of creative spaces in the urban life and the creation of art objects, performances and flash mobs to make attention to the urgent problems of the society.

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