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Arts and cultural activities | Education

Albanian Youth for Global Goals

The world is counting on the Sustainable Development Goals to improve our future and we believe that the youth has the right potential towards achieving this goal. By raising awareness within young people over the fact that we are the on...

Camps Alumni Network (CAN)

I CAN, you CAN, we CAN — volunteers protecting, promoting and engaging with cultural heritage in every community, in every country, in every corner of Europe.

Center for Children and Families

Our intention is to create environments for children to be able to spend their times when parents are engaged in work with long hours but why not also for parents where they can spend their free time together with their children;
Arts and cultural activities | Communities

Crossing the Cultural Borders towards Europe

The EuRomArt is a transnational project that fosters connection and cohesion in Europe and can connect people beyond national borders. The theatre performance will be directed at addressing discrimination, stereotypes and encouraging the...

“Empowerment of the existing structures on …

IMZHI will solve in cooperation with border and migration police some emergency problems as follows: - Improvement of the hosting infrastructure in the stations of Border and Migration Police (Kakavije and Qafe Bote/Saranda), which carry...
Social inclusion | Migration

Entrepreneurship Nest

This project proposes a strategic solution to the problem faced by Albanian immigrants when returning to their home countries .As these people come back with a luggage of broken dreams, fear of unemployment in one side but ideas, skills ...

Environmental psycology as a tool for cohesion

Cultures and climate differ all over the world, but people are the same. They'll gather in public if you give them a good place to do it!

European Festival Of NGOs

Have you ever imagined a place where all change-makers gather to create ideas, connections and opportunities, aiming to make Europe a better place for the future generations? And how can this be done, better than on a festival where the ...
Democracy and participation | Communities

Exploring Democracy by Examining Our Demons

How do you demonstrate democracy to a generation that has never truly witnessed it? This project challenges Albanian youth to look at their past in order to reshape their future. Through an evolutionary process, our youth will discover t...

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