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Democracy and participation | Education

Europe: a Game for All

Core European values have been globally recognized by modern world as among the ones of highest standard. However, nowadays they face multiple threats, which undermine their essence. TI-Greece strongly believes that it is necessary to fo...
Social inclusion


Youth unemployment and integration are the main challenges that are affecting today’s Europe. Our transnational project is based on considering the variety of European job traditions – that are about extinguish - and combine it with new ...
Arts and cultural activities

Europe – my land of dreams

Europe faces huge challenges: due to the influx of many refugees, many help, but others hover in fear, so that EU member states hesitate to shoulder a common responsibility. Crucial is how the youth as future citizens view this Europe! O...
Arts and cultural activities | Migration

Focusing the Lens on the Refugee Experience

The refugee experience is represented by the challenges of integrating into new communities while maintaining connections to their culture and traditions. The arts present a platform to explore this complexity. Photo journalism documen...
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

"From State of exception to an Exceptional state"

The Greek-FYROMacedonian name dispute dates back to the 1990’s, gradually distancing the two neighbouring countries from any kind of exchange or collaboration, leaving vast space for misconceptions about each other. Recently, there seem ...
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

Here we Are!

Little has been done to implement the Convention on Children’s Rights effectively. The project aims to use film to teach children aged 13-18 its practical importance in everyday life. The objectives are to empower children to express the...

How Greek Are You? HGRU?

Ein Art Spiel, welches damit zu hat, die Menschen auf dem ganzen Planeten darüber ''aufzuklären'', welche griechische Seite in Ihnen steck. Wie griechisch wir doch eigentlich alle sind ohne es zu wissen. Es wird Zeit, dahinter zu kommen!
Democracy and participation | Migration

Humanity in Refugee Aid

We are creating a platform empowering civil society to form its own response to the refugee crisis in Europe with innovative solutions providing dignified and empowering conditions for refugees. As formal actors struggle to respond to t...
Social inclusion | Migration

Integration House

Thousands of refugees families in Athens, Greece, face the reality of having no choice but staying in the country in the long term. Our city now needs to provide meaningful services, focusing in the emotional wellbeing of the refugee and...

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