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Environment | Communities

The Center for Garbage Studies

The Center for Garbage Studies represents a community driven platform for knowledge and experience sharing in finding sustainable solutions regarding waste issues. Through five concepts: Rethink, Reconnect, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (5Rs),…
Democracy and participation | Migration

Overcome Fences

The border region between Serbia, Croatia and Hungary witnessed in the last 20 years new borders, wars and crisis. Still an active local milieux of NGOs working with this issues had been created. With 5 days intercultural trainings for abo…
Environment | Social inclusion

Women green action (v.s) poverty in a risky world

The 21st century has witnessed progress in gender equality and women’s empowerment under the Millennium Development Goals, esp. Goal 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. Yet, in developing countries, women and girls …
Social inclusion | Education

„Balkan heart“ - a co working & co

Old ethnic divisions and conflicts in the Balkans are still successfully projected on new generations of youth. This is why we have the impression that we are in between two rounds of boxing. Socially isolated Balkan youth do not share th…
Democracy and participation | Urban development

The Crowdsourced City: On Tour

Cities need to be created with and not just for people. This project is a workshop-based road trip through eight European cities to meet partners, and co-organize pop-up interventions in different public spaces with local communities. The …
Democracy and participation | Urban development


In rural country's there is a big problem that citizens mostly women don't know their rights. We need to help them out. By making educational working group, with promo material that contains basic rights, people would know their rights.
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

Building Bridges to Break the Prejudice Over …

The Balkans countries continue to face many challenges and obstacles towards their final integration in the European Union. As a post conflict region there are still many issues within the countries which remain unsolved and on the other s…
Environment | Communities

Be enrolled

The idea of the project proposal is to become a “bearer of change” in addressing environmental risks in agriculture uniting farmers and scientific communities in a network and involving them as active participants in risk assessment, preve…
Arts and cultural activities

Spirit of Europe

Spirit of Europe is a unique European way connecting different European regions together in artwork, through understanding cultural diversity, facilitates connections or reduces barriers between diverse groups, and sustains the well-being …

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