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Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Working Journeys

Young jobseekers on the economic scrapheap (18-24) will reach out to lonely old people whose social isolation threatens their health and wellbeing. Together they’ll share ‘tea and cakes’ as well as memories of life as teenagers growing up …
Arts and cultural activities | Communities

"Sing your song"

Everyone has a song in their hearts. It does not matter how old you are or where you come from. The song is there. It’s about life, friends, the place you live. We want to hear these songs and make the best available on you tube and othe…
Arts and cultural activities | Migration

We migrate: re-framing migration

Stories of migration are all around us. Teachers and artists will be trained to help young people in four countries to collect narratives of immigration and emigration in their surrounding and rework them using innovative drama education m…
Arts and cultural activities | Migration

Culture ShoX

Culture ShoX bring young Europeans and newcomers (asylum seekers) together to create intercultural dialog and friendships through methods of art and culture. Through international and interdisciplinary collaboration between European organi…
Arts and cultural activities | Communities

Futurespotters Lab

Futurespotters Lab is a blend of physical and virtual, international and local residency that reinvents modern collectivity - by co-living, co-working and stewarding underused assets. It’s a sandbox for the potential that creative individu…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Place to Place: The Drawing Exchange

Place to Place: The Drawing Exchange is a nomadic project collecting drawings from people across countries in Europe. The public is asked to draw an image that reflects their relationship to the physical place they are in at that moment. T…
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities


CampusEurope is an international network of student TV stations and young authors from all over the continent working together to produce a truly European media. We bring together young Europeans to create a platform where they can inform …
Arts and cultural activities | Migration

Dancing With Strangers

Dancing With Strangers is a choreographic act of border transgression where people currently in refugee camps in Europe offer people in the countries where they would like to cross into an embodied experience of their personal story of mig…
Arts and cultural activities | Communities

Social Muscle Fair

Social Muscle Fair is a place where people can train their 'social muscles' together. SMC reimagines the format of the county fair, focusing on using art as a tool to train social skills such as giving, receiving, interest, and communicati…

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