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uty on the route from Preševo to Belgrade.

Duty on the route from Preševo to Belgrade. Providing all kinds of assistance to migrants from filling out the form to providing information about the movement through Serbia. We have a volunteer who knows Arabic.
Democracy and participation | Migration

Overcome Fences

The border region between Serbia, Croatia and Hungary witnessed in the last 20 years new borders, wars and crisis. Still an active local milieux of NGOs working with this issues had been created. With 5 days intercultural trainings for abo…
Social inclusion | Migration

Theatre play "Odysseus from Cushland"

"Odysseus from Cushland"would be a theatre play dealing with migrants’ problems cloaked in a paraphrase of the Myth about Odysseus.The play tells the story of economic migrants and refugees –who leave their homes in search of another place…
Migration | Communities

Sensitive City

Transformation of Miksaliste Refugee Aid Center into Miksaliste Multicultural Center is next logical step for humanization of Refugee crisis. Improving the infrastructure and extending the list of activities, organizing active participatio…
Migration | Social inclusion


WINK FOR HELP is a campaign to design and launch a new internationally recognized body language sign. WINK FOR HELP will be a silent SOS signal to warn authorities, that you require their assistance. The goal is to firstly apply it to aid …
Social inclusion | Migration

Balkan Route Revisited

With the collapse of Yugoslavia in the 1990's, seven new nations appeared on Europe's political map. As is know, this process was painful and millions of people had to take refuge from violence and turmoil. Hardly two decades later, the re…
Migration | Social inclusion


A documentary about the objects lost by refugees trying to cross Serbia - and about the stories of their owners. Often, these letters, pictures, and children’s toys, are the only remains of their journeys, and sometimes of their lives. In …
Democracy and participation | Migration

What´s up, Europe? The “Balkan Route” referred …

The “Balkan Route“ has become a synonym for Europe’s incapability to find a solution to the refugee crisis. EU countries act alone, ignore EU laws and then justify this to the public because “it´s what the sovereign people want”. The idea …

Migrant rescue

By purchasing vehicles, it would be re-arranged for two people to sleep and feed, which would reduce costs and who would run along the migrant route and provide all kinds of assistance to migrants who are on their way or waiting to be tran…

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