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Democracy and participation | Environment

Just transition in coal regions – let’s do it!

Citizens, mine workers, regional development planners, coaches, media representatives, decision makers, innovative entrepreneurs –change makers from coal regions in Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Russia develop in hackathons visions of a j...
Democracy and participation | Environment

Civic air pollution monitoring system (CAPMS)

The system will provide information about air pollution components and their origins in the city in the near real time. The system words due to the participation of the citizens of Chelyabinsk that let to install on their houses/offices ...
Democracy and participation | Education

United for peace

The project will address the growing tensions in the EU Eastern border. This will be achieved through the implementation of a problem-solving mechanism among civil society actors coming from our 4 target countries. The mechanism will lea...
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities


Europe is divided by borders and culture but united by Dreams. There is a necessity to see what those dreams are, and let Europe be heard. The Dreamwall survey project is an easy and creative way to do just that. We want to collect and m...

Exchange Student and Professor Program

We want improve learning and learning systems in Russia. Through this, we want exchange Professors from EU to Russia and Change Students.

Annual contemporary ballet project on a …

Contemporary ballet for cross-cultural communication between young artists, dancers, musicians.

this is a film about the injustice in the case …

Children zero. Two hostages time, higher bonds related, placed on opposite sides in the search for justice.

CPS - Creative participatory space

Open participatory gallery focused on analyzing various grass-rooted communities of urbanites and artists embedded in city context who are dynamically developing and taking part in urban life.

Website where you can find a team or activity …

Have you ever wanted to go do sport and had no teammates? This website will help you to find them around you and make new friends.

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