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Democracy and participation

Digital Identity, Citizenship &Democracy in Europe

There is an increasing gap between citizens and governing bodies in the EU. EU citizens must have more direct voice in politics. ICT’s offer ways to make the EU a living democracy. We see Random-Sample Voting (RSV) as a cost-effective to...
Communities | Education

Value-Creation Entrepreneurship in Tourism

DNA!´s core is the trilogy “Local, Regenerative & Share Knowledge”. Tourist destinations as local and regenerative ecosystems. Tourism as a fast-learning “active leisure” experience, where tourists become value-creation global change-...
Democracy and participation | Social inclusion

The Refugee Coalition for Europe

Refugees deserve to have their voices heard in policy discussions about their futures. In partnership with UN Refugee Agency, ID launched the Refugee Coalition for Europe to stake a claim for refugees to have a seat at the table of Europ...

Walking in Unity

We feel the need for a fundamentally new political and spiritual kind of sharing life on this planet - based upon the unity of all people, the oneness of life. Europe has the potential to play an important role in this. We envision „Walk...
Democracy and participation | Arts and cultural activities

INTERBEING - Transformation to Conscious Living

Opponent cultures of young adults meet on a monastic retreat. In daily practice of mindfulness, with versatile guidance, they let go of illusion of separation & permanence, playfully train to collaborate & build a theatre production abou...

The European imp!act Academy

The European imp!act Academy takes young Europeans on a journey that empowers them to become actors of change, who inspire thousands of others in turn. That's how we create a Europe united in diversity, in which young people believe in t...

Collaborate for Social Impact (C4SI)

“Old problems. New solutions. Big impact.”


A secluded place in the Alpine heart of Europe, where tomorrow’s leading political thinkers meet the continent’s cultural avant-garde to debate across disciplines our society’s upcoming challenges.

The Catalyst

How can the public learn about new science without going back to school? How can we change the way the public views scientists? How can we combat pseudoscience? Let's bring together scientists and media artists to create new entertainmen...

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