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Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion


We would like to bring divided communities closer to each other. Therefore we invited photographers, social scientist, urban&community developers to map together cities and localities where real and imaginary fences were built up. After ma…
Social inclusion | Migration

[HOME] is where your heart is safe!

The project HOME helps young refugees to build a new home. Psycho-social care benefits the health and well-being of the adolescents, a buddy project extends their social network and an #openschoool gives them the opportunity of participat…

Gaining Ground

Austria is an important gate to Europe for many refugees, including teenagers. After reaching the age of 15, the local government is not obliged to provide further education for teenage refugees and they have therefore fewer opportunities …
Migration | Social inclusion

Stronger Together

Newly arrived persons and refugees, together with the local population in Europe, shall identify opportunities for cooperation leading to new social businesses and a higher quality of life for everyone involved. The Our Common Future parti…
Migration | Communities

Refugee Open Cities (ROC21)

Asylum homes burn, radical parties thrive and borders close: While Europe struggles with the so-called refugee crisis, we risk to fall back into a dark age of isolated nation states. „Refugee Open Cities“ tells a different story: This tool…
Democracy and participation

Co-creating Cross

Central and Eastern Europe is faced with a deep crisis. Now more than ever cross-sectoral innovative solutions co-created between civil society actors, business, policy makers, welfare organizations and leading thinkers are needed. A new i…
Democracy and participation

Democracy Repair Cafés - Reach Out To The Streets

Democracy Repair Cafés are interactive workshops where participants experience how politics and participation work, reflect their own potentials, learn from each other and find ways to get active. This project takes the concept to a Europe…

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