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Arts and cultural activities | Education

One Thousand Words

They say a picture is worth 1000 words... We're taking that at face value. Through outreach art workshops in schools around the Netherlands (and eventually beyond), we seek to cultivate English literacy and language skills for second lan...
Democracy and participation | Migration

A natural way of integration

As part of the international Refugees Welcome team we too want refugees and Dutch people living together. While the German and Austrian team are quite successful, we are still developing. The Dutch migration system is giving us a hard ti...
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

My Top Five (Top 5)

Citizen journalists are trained to capture the life stories of diverse people using the format of their 'top five' songs as a starting point. These interviews become radio programmes, distributed through community channels locally and in...
Social inclusion | Education

Youngsters from all over Europe create their …

No matter where we come from, which language we speak, which culture we grew up in: we all have the same longing to connect with each other and to build a bright future. With our program we connect young people from all over Europe. With...
Arts and cultural activities | Communities

Bridging Cities

“Bridging Cities” is an interdisciplinary project that will be produced between Sarajevo and Arnhem,aimed at local and international audience. The main goal is to create an intermedia urban performance, based on non-linear storytelling t...
Environment | Education

Global Youth Rising: Peace Summer Camp

A space in the mountains for youth activists and peacebuilders from around the world to develop skills and knowledge, share experiences and collaborate together on new projects
Arts and cultural activities | Migration


Culture in Exile is a nonprofit, volunteer-run project of civic journalism to promote life and culture of refugees and forced migrants in their host countries like Europe or Turkey. Under technical conduction of international film makers...
Arts and cultural activities | Migration

“Breathing in Reverse

This ‘social inclusion’ project zooms in on refugees in their new environment.Two artists will spark a dialogue by sharing narratives between refugees and locals on the spot (children and adults), with new perspectives through: 1. artist...
Democracy and participation

Cross-border Journalism goes Europe

Cuts to budgets across all media outlets make journalist’s lives more difficult. This happens at a time when cross-border reporting is crucial for cohesion and intercultural understanding in Europe. In the strong belief that collaborativ...

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