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Migration | Social inclusion

Connaction - Let's connect people together

Connaction is a project for refugees in Switzerland that purpose to reflect the culture of welcoming (Willkommenskultur) and the humanitarian tradition of Europe. The name "connaction" derives from the combination of "connecting" and "acti…
Social inclusion | Education

Platform for imp!act in Europe

Imp!act is a fun, inspiring and engaging workshop that empowers young people to collaborate radically and unleash their full potential. After brainstorming and team building activities, participants get involved with an organization or dev…
Social inclusion | Education

NOW - because social change can't wait.

How often have you heard “Youth is the future”? We want to transform the dreams of the Millennials (who are ⅓ of today’s population) into social change. NOW. We offer an inclusive 6-month program that makes young people the protagonists of…

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